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About Us

People First Companies was founded with the goal of sharing ideas on a new way to do business and inspiring the next generation of leaders. We believe in the transformational power of business and are committed to making positive contributions to employment in our society.

To achieve this purpose, we partner with people-centric companies to rethink the way leaders approach business, realizing that when people feel cared for, they go the extra mile because they are proud to work for a company that simply puts people first.

At People First Companies, we believe in the boundless potential of business leaders to create impact. We believe that leadership is not about impressive titles but rather about making a lasting difference with our employees and supporting growth and well-being – both in the workplace and at home. It is about committing to the virtue and power of doing what’s right. THIS is People First Companies and THIS is the future of business.

Fair Compensation

At People First Companies we believe that fair compensation should be provided for all employees through livable wages and fair profit distribution. We are proud to work with companies with the same belief..


Our members understand that employees need flexibility in schedules. Flexible schedules like 4-day weeks and employee directed scheduling, all add to an employee’s ability to perform at their highest.


Purpose before profit. The purpose of a business is more than making a profit. By providing employees with both flexibility and fair compensation, they are free to pursue a higher purpose in their lives.

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Why Become A People First Company?

At People First Companies, our purpose is to showcase exceptional businesses that choose to do business in a better way.

We are not the Better Business Bureau. We are the “Doing Business Better Brand.”

We are a community of businesses that believe and commit to the virtue and power of doing what’s right. People First Companies strive to make positive contributions to society by putting people first.

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Fair Compensation. Flexibility. Purpose.


Join us here to listen to the People First Companies Podcast, Imagining a New Economy, hosted by our very talented Brand Ambassador Mia Voss.

This podcast highlights businesses of all sizes that understand the value of their employees AND their customers.

How To Improve Employee Retention

Hiring and retaining employees remains the top challenge for small businesses. In fact, 90% of businesses that are hiring are finding it difficult to recruit qualified candidates for open positions.

Join Stephen Angel and Mike Bayes in a discussion on how to retain your best employees by clicking on the video to the right.

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