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People First Companies is the manifestation of 5 years of work after our founder, Stephen Angel, had a vision. Stephen’s vision was of an entity that would promote three pillars of business practices: Fair Compensation, Flexibility, and Purpose.

That vision has become an entity to promote and recognize companies that follow the three pillars of doing business and give consumers a way to identify these businesses. We are sure that consumers will support our member companies.

Mike Bayes joined Stephen Angel in August of 2022 to bring the vision to reality. The co-founders seek to create a positive realignment in the business community and consumer buying habits.

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Stephen Angel


Stephen has a long history as a successful business owner in Colorado. As an entry-level carpenter, he built his own multi-million dollar business. He has committed to Doing Business Better and honoring People First principles in his company.

Mike Bayes


Mike Bayes is a successful entrepreneur and former senior executive with a top telecommunications company. He was a partner in the telecommunications sales company P.S.T. . Mike has held the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.C.I. Direct and Vice President of Sales at USA.Net. Mike has been providing Business development and coaching to companies across the country since 2003.

Brandi Jordon


Brandi is the creative force behind People First Companies. Brandi Manages our social media platforms and helps with the website’s design and other creative assets. Brandi graduated from Ohio state university, is a mother, and has three kids ages 10, 6, and 3. Professionally Brandi Founded her own graphic design business, B Marie Logo & Design, in 2020. She and her family live in Columbus, Ohio and she enjoys hiking, traveling, and binge-watching the classic television show Friends.

Mia Voss

Mia Voss


Mia Voss is a brand ambassador, podcast host & opinionated blogger with a passion for community and helping businesses thrive. She focuses on female buying power and helps brands to acknowledge and recognize that women make 85% (if not more) of overall buying decisions. Her engaging style helps bring out the best in our People First featured podcast guests!

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