About Us

People First Companies was founded in 2022 by our Founder Stephen Angel and Co-Founder Mike Bayes (links to meet the team page) Five years ago Stephen wanted to create a positive realignment in the business community that promoted businesses who believed in the People First Company principles of: Fair Compensation, Flexibility, and Purpose.

When Stephen and Mike partnered, that is when they determined a way to promote and recognize companies that follow our three principles and resolved a way for both consumers and businesses to identify these companies.

When you become a People First Company, you not only show your employees that you’re dedicated to their success, but that you are committed to doing business better!

Our Mission

At People First Companies, our mission is to showcase exceptional businesses within our community who are doing business in a better way. When you join as a People First Company, you are committing to improving our workforce.

Our member companies care about their employees and commit to paying their worker’s livable wages and fair compensation. They provide flexibility in scheduling to support their employees who may need less traditional scheduling, and they have a company purpose to be a People First Company and put purpose before profit in their missions and operations.

Our hope as a business is to raise awareness with both consumers and businesses across the nation to help identify these great companies and as a whole make better business conscious decisions.

Why Become a People First Company?

As a People First Companies member, you will gain access to a People First logo which you can display on your website and social media that will let people know you believe in the People First Principles.

If you struggle with recruiting, or employee turnover, displaying the People First logo provides your business with an opportunity to recruit better employees. We offer retention programs called Stay Interviews which can be extremely effective and beneficial to a company in reducing turnover – which saves and grows revenue!

When you become a People First Company, you also join a community of other like minded businesses. Our companies commit to looking at other People First Companies when they’re ready to buy things. We proudly promote our companies through our social media and the markets we are active in, which brings new consumers to your website and business!

There are many reasons why you should invest in becoming a People First Company. Are you ready to join the future of business?

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Fair Compensation

At People First Companies we believe that fair compensation should be provided for all employees through livable wages and fair profit distribution. We are proud to work with companies with the same belief..


Our members understand that employees need flexibility in schedules. Flexible schedules like 4-day weeks and employee directed scheduling, all add to an employee’s ability to perform at their highest.


Purpose before profit. The purpose of a business is more than making a profit. By providing employees with both flexibility and fair compensation, they are free to pursue a higher purpose in their lives.

The adventure begins now!

Our mission is to showcase exceptional businesses

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