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PFC is an organization that is leading the change in the business world. Our membership is a powerful way to tap into the growing consensus that companies need to treat their employees better and then ride that wave to a more prosperous future.

With a People First Companies membership, you get the right to use the PFC logo, giving you authoritative recognition and identification as a forward-thinking company who values people first.

Along with that, you get a front row seat to help spread the message and see your vision of a more compassionate and humane business world become a reality.

You also get exclusive access to our library of training materials. Our founding team has decades of experience building and running multi-million dollar companies that run on People First principles. On an ongoing basis, we will dive into individual topics through articles, webinars, videos, and how-to guides, and add them to your member library, giving you the tools you need to quickly improve your business and make it more people friendly.

We offer members the ability to be added to a searchable database of People First Companies, which we are actively promoting to consumers. This database is a centralized go-to location for values oriented consumers who already want to spend their dollars supporting people oriented businesses.

Finally, PFC Gold members can get exclusive discounts on our business enhancement services, such as Stay Interviews and Alignment Meetings.

* If you already believe in running a people first business, and are already committed to being a positive change in the world through your business, this is the place for you.

* If you are interested in embracing more of a people first model, or just want to get started on the path, this is also the place for you.

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Being People First

Change is one of the few constants in life. The ways of doing business in 1723 did not apply to doing business 1960. Similarly, the best way of doing business in 1960 isn’t working for us anymore either. Some companies may resist change, and some will embrace it, but change will come all the same.

A People First company functions better in the 21st century. People First companies thoughtfully cultivate their relationships with both employees and their customers, and respect each employee as a valuable person rather than a cog in a machine.

Employees are your most valuable asset. It has been shown time and again that the best competitive edge you can possibly have is a team of excellent people. If you can attract the best talent, maintain an environment that nurtures them, bring out the best in them, and make your company a place they want to stay, the odds of being a long term successful and sustainable business are very high..

Being people first makes hiring and training employees easier, attracts positive consumer and community attention, creates an organizational environment that is better suited to be flexible and adjust to changing circumstances and be long-term more profitable than its competition.

Old business models are failing. The industrial revolution has passed, and people are less and less willing to accept being that nameless, faceless cog in a giant machine. When businesses approach decisions purely based on profit, without considering their people or the larger environment and community in which they operate, they are stuck in the past. When they become people first, they are taking part in the evolution of business.

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People First Companies:

  • See greater employee satisfaction and productivity rates
  • Enjoy easier hiring and training of employees
  • Attract positive consumer and community attention
  • Create more flexible and innovative organizational environments
  • Are long term more profitable than their competitors

Why is a values centered, People First Company the next trend in global business?

* Automation and globalization have flooded the market with competitive products and services. It’s harder than ever to differentiate yourself from competitors. Consumers are searching for new criteria to make purchasing decisions and more and more, are seeking companies with strong core values and a purpose aligned with doing good.

* Both customers and employees are becoming more conscious of their interconnectedness with society and the environment. They are seeking out companies that align with their values and beliefs, and they want to be associated with organizations that prioritize the well-being of their people, the planet, and having a positive impact on society.

* Growing research has shown that companies that prioritize their employees’ well-being tend to perform better financially. Employees who feel valued and supported are more productive, innovative, and loyal, leading to higher customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, revenue growth.

* A values-centered, people-first company is better equipped to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. By focusing on its core values and empowering its employees, a company can create a strong culture that fosters innovation, resilience, and agility.

* There is growing recognition among business leaders that the pursuit of profit alone is not sustainable in the long run.

A people-first company is the next trend in global business because it aligns with the changing expectations of customers and employees, drives financial performance, fosters innovation and agility, and creates long-term value for all stakeholders.

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