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We currently offer Stay Interviews as well as Alignment Meetings. When you become a People First Companies Member, you have the opportunity to receive up to 50% off these services! Read more about our services below and contact us today for additional information!

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Stay Interview

Does your business struggle with employee attrition? Do you often find out employees weren’t fulfilled in their career until they give their 2 weeks notice? When you become a member of People First Companies you have access to our stay interview program! Similar to an exit interview, our stay interviews are designed to deep dive into your company culture and see how employees feel about their career path and future with your business!

Our team interviews a cross-section or a designated group of your employees to gain perspective on multiple factors that can determine their job satisfaction. By engaging with your employees in this way, you not only gain important insight into your business, but you show your employees that you care about their perspective on the company and how their daily job satisfaction which in turn improves their performance and your customer experience.

For stay interview pricing, please contact us at or call us at 866-544-7152

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Alignment Meeting

When you join People First Companies, you have the opportunity to spend time one on one with our team to learn how you can align your business with the People First principles of fair compensation, flexibility in employee work schedules, and a purpose beyond profit. In addition, your business can also learn how to conduct a stay interview and implement better communication systems for your employees. 

For alignment meeting pricing, please contact us at or call us at 866-544-715

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