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Many companies will conduct exit interviews when an employee leaves. At People First Companies, we know that if you are in touch with your employees and their needs, you can reduce your turnover significantly while improving your customer’s experience!

Stay Interview

We interview a cross-section or designated group of your employees to determine their perspective on the product or service they represent, the compensation and benefits they receive, the communication from the company, both from their supervisors and upper and senior management, as well as how they feel about the career path and future in the company.

By asking your employees those questions and how they would improve their jobs and your customer experience, you will gain important insight into your business.

Senior management’s “Vision” is partially determined by how in touch with their employees and customers they are. Slow down your exit interviews (turnover) using the People First Companies Stay Interviews service.


First, We will conduct an alignment meeting with senior management to determine the objectives of the Stay Interviews.

After that, we will schedule and conduct the Stay Interviews with the employees. Once completed, we will produce a document showing the findings in ket areas we defined during the initial meeting. A meeting is then conducted to present the results, answer questions, and give suggestions on opportunities.

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Pricing: (Pricing may change based on your objectives).

Plus $150.00 for each employee interviewed up to 10. $100.00 per employee above 10.*

* Promotional pricing available through April 1, 2023

Alignment Meeting

Spend a few hours learning how you can align your business with the People First Pillars and how to conduct your Stay Interviews and implement better communication systems.

Alignment meetings Pricing: $500.00 for the first hour and includes an assessment document with suggestions. $750.00 for up to 3.5 hours. Additional meetings or coaching are quoted based on needs.

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